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Simple DIY turkey processing cone – Christmas, Thanksgiving or any time of year.

Sustainable living often means DIY and working with what you have. We ran into a situation like this recently when Chef Steve Brown, a well-known chef in San Diego purchased a turkey through us but needed assistance in processing the bird. As the owners of a small farm and sustainability center, my wife and I

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Video – Happy Chickens!

The Bancroft Center for Sustainability is more than just a location, its a mindset and a way of living for those running it. Just one example is the happy chickens at Ben and Kelsey’s homestead. Truly cage free with nothing above them but fresh air – well except in their roost and rain cover of

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The Best Rat Trap Ever!

If you live in southern California and you have trees – you have rats. Most likely, something like these guys. Get used to it, its just a fact of life and is no indication of one’s level of cleanliness. If you also happen to have a garden and livestock, then you really have rats and

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