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Oct. 7 – Starting a Successful New Ecovillage or Intentional Community

Oct. 7 – Starting a Successful New Ecovillage or Intentional Community

We are excited to host Diana Leafe Christian, author of “Creating a Life Together”, for two consecutive weekends. Her many decades of experience with communities around the world offer us a wealth of information for helping us not just avoid the pitfalls that cause most communities to disintegrate, but rather to thrive in ecovillages, co-housing, and other community formats.

During this three day workshop, Diana will cover basic aspects of starting a successful community.

Topics include

Three aspects of a healthy, thriving community (see short video – Three Aspects of a Healthy, Thriving Community).
Antidotes to “structural conflict”;
“The Timeline Game” (the typical steps of starting a successful new community);
common pitfalls community founders can avoid;
community Mission & Purpose;
a clear, thorough membership process.
“The Community Board Game” (crucial relationships between membership process, community purpose and governance method);
overview: self-governance & decision-making( (classic consensus, modified consensus, and Sociocracy. (See workshop, “Sociocracy for Intentional Communities and Member-Led Groups,” Oct. 14-16.)
Plus guest trainer Jonah Mesritz, founder of Activated Villages intentional community consultation and Emerald Village intentional community in North County San Diego will be joining Diana to add his depth of experience to

How communities own land, find land, and finance land;
zoning and housing styles;
legal entities for co-owning land &/or managing educational programs,
Creating internal community economies and community labor issues.
Successful, field-tested ways to reduce community conflict.
We will culminate the three day workshop with an “Ecovillage & Intentional Community Clinic” where workshop participants present their community projects for Diana, Jonah, and other participants to offer advice and suggestions.

Cost: Early Bird Discount, till October 1: $250;

General Admission, after October 1, $350.

Group rate (3 or more people), $200 per group member.

We will also give $100 off General Admission codes to attendees of the West Coast Communities Conference (September 29-October 1, Escondido) in which Diana Leafe Christian will be giving the Keynote Address as well as presenting several workshops

Discount for taking both** 3-day workshops: $200 per person per workshop.

** The second three-day workshop is “Sociocracy for Intentional Communities and Member-Led Groups,” Oct. 14-16.

Where: Bancroft Center for Sustainability, 3845 Spring Drive, Spring Valley, CA

When: Saturday, Oct 7 – Monday Oct. 9; 9  a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each Day

Admission: Get Tickets Here

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