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Oct. 14 – Sociocracy for Intentional Communities and Member-Led Groups

Oct. 14 – Sociocracy for Intentional Communities and Member-Led Groups

We are excited to host Diana Leafe Christian, author of “Creating a Life Together”, for two consecutive weekends. Her many decades of experience with communities around the world offer us a wealth of information for helping us not just avoid the pitfalls that cause most communities to disintegrate, but rather to thrive using Sociocracy as a means of decision making.

Sociocracy, “governance by peers and colleagues” (sometimes also called Dynamic Governance), is an effective self-governance and decision-making method Diana now highly recommends. Based on the values of equivalence, transparency, and effectiveness, when Sociocracy is used correctly it tends to result in better meetings, getting more done, being better organized and feeling more connected to other group members.

This workshop covers the basics of Sociocracy and will enable a group to start a study circle or implementation circle to learn more about Sociocracy and begin implementing it in their group. (Groups don’t usually replace their governance and decision-making method with Sociocracy, but decide to try Sociocracy for 18 months to two years in order to see how they like it and want to keep it. Usually they do!)

Workshop topics include:

the basics of Sociocracy;
how it works well (everyone learns it, they use all seven parts, and they use it correctly);
building feedback loops into every proposal;
Circles & double links;
Vision, Mission, Domains, & Aims;
Consent Decision-Making;
introducing and implementing Sociocracy in a group;
Proposal-Forming, Selecting People for Roles (elections).
Overview of and resources for learning more about Role-Improvement Feedback and Consenting to Circle Members.
Policy Meetings and Operations Meetings.
Workshop format includes visual/verbal presentations with drawings, a slideshow and short videos; small-group discussions and exercises; and lively, interactive “readers’ theater” musical skits.

Pizza from our wood fired pizza oven and fresh local salad will be provided daily for lunch for $15 per day.

Cost: Early Bird Discount, till October 1: $250;

General Admission, after October 1, $350.

Group rate (3 or more people), $200 per group member.

We will also give $100 off General Admission codes to attendees of the West Coast Communities Conference (September 29-October 1, Escondido) in which Diana Leafe Christian will be giving the Keynote Address as well as presenting several workshops

Discount for taking both** 3-day workshops: $200 per person per workshop.

** The first three-day workshop is “Starting a Successful New Ecovillage or Intentional Community” Oct. 7-9. More information on the Intentional Community workshop.

Where: Bancroft Center for Sustainability, 3845 Spring Drive, Spring Valley, CA

When: Saturday, Oct 14 – Monday Oct. 16; 9  a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each Day

Admission: Get Tickets Here

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